Casino Land Review

Casino Land Review

Two things make Casino Land stand out from the competition. One is their theme – as with so many casinos offering such similar services, sometimes it really does just come down to atmosphere. Land is an auto racing-themed casino.
Second is that Land is a No Download casino, running all of its games on a Java-based software. This is great for people who don’t like downloading files off the internet or clogging their hard drive with large files (or people who play online at work, maybe? ahem.), but it has its disadvantages too. Java games are traditionally flatter and simpler in appearance, slower, buggier, and devoid of the advanced features and customizable options that make the larger (download) casinos so popular.

Bonuses & Promotions
Spot Bonuses are random giveaways, usually of cash you can spend at the casino. VIP members have a chance to win an extra $70 is gaming credits per month. And Land continually runs Fair Play tournament where the stakes, and the excitement, reach adrenaline-packed heights.

Software & Graphics
Games on this purely No Download casino site are put out by Net Entertainment, a world leader in Java-based gaming technology. You can use the optional InstaPlay software to load games speedily regardless of your internet connection, provided you’re using Internet Explorer as your browser.

I haven’t seen a Grand Prix slot anywhere else. That’s one reason to play here – albeit a purely superficial, atmospheric reason. But, as I mentioned already, in the crowded internet casino industry, that’s as good a reason as any. Beyond that, there are a whole 14 games here – not much, really. There’s no Craps and no Baccarat, though they do have Keno. Whether you play here all depends on what games you like.

Payouts, Cashouts & Security
Land security certificate avowing to their use of 128-bit SSL encryption technology to keep your private info private, is available for public perusal on the official thawte website. Land is also a proud member of the Interactive Gaming Council (IGC) and Interactive Gaming, Gambling, and Betting Association (IGGBA), both requiring the casino to adhere to strict codes of contact. They’re like seatbelts on the racetrack.

Customer Support
Too bad Land spokesman and racing legend Stefan Johannson doesn’t answer the toll-free phone at their support center, but the help may not be as useful if he did, so maybe we’re better off. For tech support, you can either use their email query form, or send an email or a fax. It’s probably the casino’s weakest point that they have no phone support and no live web chat support.