Play Double Diamond Slot Machine for Real Money or Free

Double Diamond Slot Machine stays on its high positions of popularity among classic slot games, available on the current online gaming market. The main reason of such a popularity consists in a fact the game obtains an advanced mechanism of work, in addition to benefits of traditional classic slots. The game has similar features of traditional slots, but with some significant changes that easier player’s performance. The game has clear and understandable terms and conditions, thus providing the benefits of classic tournaments, since it mostly characterizes classic slot games.

Since, Double Diamond Slot Machine is the classic slot machine; Canadian players tend to play here due to its easy mechanist of gaming and convenient gameplay. Even despite the fact the tournament lacks in huge jackpots, like progressive or video slots, every player can reach here quite an impressive gaming experience. There is a huge base of players, who appreciate 3-reel game’s benefits, avoiding modern video and progressive slots. Therefore, the tournament gets its constant updates for player to be always able to run the game easily. The developer, IGT Company, has its own empire of classic slot games, thus maintaining such type of games is an ordinary task for the company.

Double Diamond Mobile Application

IGT Company, which is specializing in classic games’ development and maintenance, has developed Double Diamond slots in order to game players a chance to play simple 3-reel slot game, but with a significant technical improvements. The game is an extremely advanced, even staying a 3-reel slot game. Many online tournaments with a great gameplay and simple design can be more preferred by players, then modern complicated progressive tournaments due to their easiness and convenience in usage, for sure.

Double Diamond is a classic slot game developed by IGT, which provides 3-reels and one single pay line. Since the game offers only simple elements, without special icons that can multiply players’ winnings, it does not provide huge payouts. Still, once playing online, it is possible to reach many other pleasant prizes. The rules of the game are simple, since a player gets two credits for one Double Diamond symbol. Consequently, the maximum prize can reach 25, 000 coins. As all existed classic slots require, the jackpot can be won, once a player matches up three symbols on a pay line.

Double Diamond slots is a superior classic tournament, which suits players, who appreciate classic games’ advantages. The game is offered through IGT personal platform, which provides original IGT stereo sounds, mechanical lever and unique symbols.

Double Diamond Free Spins Feature

Double Diamond is a classic slot game developed by IGT, which provides 3-reels and only one single pay line. Since the game offers simple elements only, without special icons that can multiply players’ winnings, it does not provide huge payouts. Moreover, the game offers no free rounds, free spins or special bonuses, since the only symbols acceptable here are wild ones. Without multipliers and scatters, players cannot reach bonus free spins, or other pleasant promotions. Still, players used to pay a lot of attention to the game, because of its wild multiplier symbol, which allows players creating winning lines. Thus, it is the highest paying symbol that, once appearing at pay line, can double winnings, or even multiply in by 4.

Double Diamond is one of the top classic slot games, which even with one single pay line brings an attention of millions players worldwide. In addition, the game is maintained by a powerful IGT Company, which remains one of the top games developers, thus Double Diamond slots provides more advanced features then most of classic slots. The game is offered only through IGT platform only. In the same time, such an option allows players enjoying original stereo sounds, backlit symbols and mechanical lever, designed by IGT Company.

In the same time, the game can be played through its free demo version, thus it is easy to test your luckiness and get closer to the understanding of a quite simple game’s mechanism.