Lucky Larry’s LobsterMania Slot Machine for Real Money or Free

Lucky Larry’s LobsterMania is quite a new online slot game, which offers players new possibilities in online gaming. Since the game differs from the traditional slot tournaments, every player can find here new and unique challenges. With an impressive list of unique features and promotions, the game brings attention of players, who adores facing up-to-day online challenges, which improved terms and conditions.

This is an advanced 5-reel slot game with a variety of pay lines, thus the tournaments differs from the traditional slot games, which usually has only 9 pay lines. In particular, LobsterMania machine offers 25 pay lines. The game has quite clear rules, and the main of it remains a possibility of players to bet maximum 75 coins per spin. Since this is one of slot tournaments, player’s contributions creates the main jackpot pool, which can reach over 50,000 credits.

IGT developers developed the LobsterMania machine, the software company that provides most of the top online slot tournaments. Therefore, Lucky Larry’s LobsterMania has an impressive design and high-quality graphics. The audio and visual effects are also of a high quality, making gaming more convenient for players.

LobsterMania Mobile Application

LobsterMania slots is an intriguing 5-reel slot game with 25 pay lines that remains quite a new online slot tournament on the current gaming market. The game mechanist is simple, and differs a little from any other 5-reel slot game; in particular, the number of offered pay lines offered by the game is higher. When playing online, players can make bets of maximum 75 coins per spin, thus the jackpot reached over 50, 000 credits. Due to the usage of the latest software solutions, IGT slots provide touchscreen technology, distinguishing this virtual tournament among other more outdated slot machines. The touchscreen option is highly appreciated by players, since it brings more benefits and comfort, while online gaming.

A mechanism of the virtual game is easy and convenient, thus its simple rules are easy to remember. LobsterMania slots, once providing up-to-day software solutions, modern touch-screen technologies, and a variety of pay lines, bring a lot of players’ attention all the time. IGT Company is the game’s developer, thus the process of the game updating is constant. The company tends to offer advanced design and graphics, together with new trends in online gaming. The audio and visual effects are of a high quality, thus players can easily gain a great gaming experience. With an impressive list of unique features and promotions, the game brings attention of players, who adores facing online challenges, which improved terms and conditions.

LobsterMania Free Spins Feature

LobsterMania slots is an exact virtual tournament that offers many advantages for players, who adores slot games with many pay lines. The list of bonus offers and promotions includes a bonus round, which can be added to the players’ regular slots’ playing experience. The developers offer two special bonus rounds – the Lucky Larry’s Lobster Mania Buoy Bonus Round and the Great Lobster Escape. These special offers allow players multiplying own winning significantly, without risking of loosing own money, once playing a bonus round.

Lucky Larry’s LobsterMania is a game, where player must be attentive to every detail, due to its rapid mechanist of actions. Moreover, high level of concentration is requested for bonus rounds as well. Since game is centered on lobsters, every player once facing caged lobster symbols, must be attentive to these symbols, since they can significantly multiply the winnings. Spotting the symbols on a screen is a main player’s duty, when he tends to win bonus rounds. Symbols must be spotted as quickly as possible. Reaching for the highest scores, player needs to catch three lobster icons. In such a case, bonus round is granted for sure. Further, during the bonus round, player must free lobsters from their cages. Every freed lobster increases player’s chances to win the game, and multiplies scores significantly.

In fact, the bigger lobster player frees the higher scores he gets. This bonus round makes the game more exciting, besides it brings higher payouts. Therefore, special promotions and bonus rounds increase player’s chances to win the game, and allow players gaining more gaming experience while playing 5-reel advanced online slots.