City Club Casino Review

City Club Casino Review

Just when I thought I’ve seen it all, along comes a casino that breaks the record – in this case, for biggest signup bonus. City Club Casino is a competent PlayTech casino with everything you’d hope to find at a casino you plan to frequent. There’s nothing special that makes City Club stand out above the others, but neither is there anything that would cause a reasonable person to play elsewhere: the kind of “average” that makes average look good.

Bonuses & Promotions
Only of use to high-rollers, City Club Casino Online gives new players the opportunity to add an extra $2400 to their chip stack. The bonus for your average low-roller (like me) is still hefty, though – up to $700 – and manageable to achieve as it’s scaled out into 7 separate 100% bonuses on up to $100 each time. They’ve got a “Cash Call Cards” promotion giving entries into a drawing for a share in $4,000 to players each time they’ve played a certain number of games. Their comp points program is like all the others (except the better ones!) – basically $1 for every $1000 wagered.

Software & Graphics
PlayTech software runs City Club games. This software is the most realistic, providing the most authentic gaming experience out there. The playability is smooth, the interface is intuitive, and there are loads of customizable features. I have nothing bad to say about PlayTech.

There’s no shortage of great games here – including all the progressive slots you could want. There’s plenty of video poker, tables games and cards games to whet your whistle for a long time coming. And, through an affiliation with Bingo 7777, hop on over to a hopping BINGO hall straight from the City Club. A Flash version of the casino is also available at the site, no download required.

Payouts, Cashouts & Security
All financial transactions handled by sophisticated RSA public/private key encryption mechanisms. All systems are frequently reviewed by several independent auditing and accounting companies, including independent monthly reviews of all their random number generators and payout percentages. As part of their security/fraud prevention measures, any player may be asked, at any time during their membership, to provide copies of certain pieces of identification and/or signed affidavit authorizing credit card transactions. A personalized, real-time game action and financial transaction history is available on demand for each player.

Customer Support
6 category-specific email departments allow you to get the most relevant expertise for your needs at City Club support. A pair of toll-free U.S. and international toll-call phone and fax numbers are your other options, 24/7 365 days a year.