Millionaire Casino Review

Millionaire Casino Review

Probably Millionaire Casino’s biggest claim to fame is their moniker-meriting betting limits – apparently the highest online. Millionaire Casino caters to the high rollers in every way a VIP might expect – classy environment, personalized service, big bets, and bigger wins. Millionaire Online offers a constant stream of enticing promotions every day of the week. They think we play there for the classy atmosphere they strive to deliver. Not so. It’s the promotions: it’s all about the promotions.

Bonuses & Promotions
To qualify for Millionaire Casino’s 100% match bonus, you must make an initial deposit of $100 minimum (interesting‚Ķ), but you can deposit as much as $350 and start off your gaming session with a $700 bankroll. Millionaire Casino also hosts an assortment of daily promotions that promise double rewards, extra cash prizes, and random giveaways, including most recently $25,000 in cash. Currently, their Extra Payday Extravaganza gives players a chance to have their winnings doubled or their losses paid for by the casino. Now that’s my kind of promotion.

Software & Graphics
Odds-On Gaming software is a refreshing change of pace from the industry leaders that dominate the web (ie Microgaming, et al). They feature private rooms and tournaments as well as a surprising variety of multi-player games. Though the graphics remind me of those lottery scratch-cards you find at convenience stores and gas stations, the game-play is nonetheless fast and smooth.

You’ll find over 65 games in the Millionaire Casino, including Flash games for the download-leery. Play multi-hand blackjack and video poker for more bang for your buck. And for the most bang, take part in the progressive slots and watch that kitty grow. Other great offerings include European Roulette, Poker Dice, Go For It (a horseracing game), and of course, all the usual suspects.

Payouts, Cashouts & Security
Millionaire Casino accepts the usual payment methods, from credit card to FirePay. They use NetNanny to keep the underage residents of your household from sneaking into the casino. Millionaire Casino claims they process cashouts faster than any other casino online. Even if that’s not true, it’s a worthy goal, and something they at least strive to live up to.

Customer Support
With 3 telephone numbers based on geographic location and 3 email addresses based on customer need, the Millionaire Online’s support staff does all they can to help your gaming experience be the easiest, most efficient, entertaining, and rewarding experience you’ll find online.