River Nile Casino Review

River Nile Casino Review

Though I usually put here in this “Summary” section my general opinions on the site, I absolutely must quote a paragraph on this Egyptian-themed casino’s “About Us” page: “Since time immemorial, the River Nile Casino has always been associated with luck, fertility and development. Along its lengths pharaohs and nobles have all built monuments to immortalize themselves. Untold fortunes and treasure have been found along its course.”
Need I say more? OK, I will. Suffice it to say, River Nile Casino is a contender for top slot in our casino ranking. Of course, so are the scores of other large, established, VIPER-run sites – so take your pick. With so many sites offering the same games, it really does come down to atmosphere (and promotions, I suppose). So, you like those pyramids? camels? golden sands? Then River Nile may be just the casino for you.

Bonuses & Promotions
RiverNile has a competitive signup bonus of 100% up to $100. Beyond that, the only promotions I saw were their loyalty program, and the usual 10-15% bonus any players at any casino can get by using certain “preferred” payment methods (ie Neteller).

Software & Graphics
River Nile Casino runs on Microgaming’s VIPER software, and thus offers all the best and most thrilling casino games you can imagine. Upgraded with spicy improvements, including an Expert Mode with advanced Autoplay features and a real-time strategy aide, Microgaming continues to excel in reliability, speed, and innovation.

You can play pretty much all of the (currently 130+) games VIPER runs, including 13 progressive jackpots totaling, at the time of this writing, over $2 million. Thanks to VIPER, new games are rolled out just about every month.

Payouts, Cashouts & Security
River Nile recognizes a wide variety of payment methods, from credit cards (including Diner’s Club) to alternative eWallets (like MoneyBookers). Players can use technology from PlayCheck and CashCheck, offered free at the casino, for easy and thorough tracking of your gaming actions and financial transactions, respectively.

Customer Support
First and foremost, River Nile Casino has a feedback forum where plays can make suggestions, give praise, and file complaints. This allows River Nile to constantly tweak its services to better suit the needs and desires of its clientele. They’ve got toll-free support numbers for 8 countries, and have divided up their email support team into 5 specialized departments, each with their own contact addresses. This makes for shorter response times, and more informed responses.